Tips on Picking out the Perfect App Keywords

When you prepare to develop an app, one of the most important steps of your app marketing project is choosing app keywords. There are more and more apps being published every day, keywords become more and more competitive. And it is so hard for you to choose the perfect app keywords. We would like to share some quick tips on this question.

app keywords

1.Make a Brainstorm

You are confused when you pick out app keywords. You can just take a seat with a cup of coffee, breathe deeply, and literally write down whatever comes to your mind when thinking about your apps. You can think about the function of your apps, which category do your apps belong to or just what you will put when you search for your apps.

2.Look at Your Competitors

You must remember that your competitors not only can provide you inspiration, but also can save your time. You can spy on the app keywords of your competitors, especially those successful ones. And after you get some effective words, you can expand them unceasingly.

3.Rely on Search Suggestions

This is a simple and fast way for most of us. You can just type keyword letter by letter in the search bar or search engine. You will find that when you type one letter, it will give you some related suggestions. Then you can get a list of app keywords. It is a cool way to finish what you need. And there are also some useful keyword suggestion tools you can have a try. Such as Sensor Tower, Google Keyword Planner.

4.The Rules of App Keywords

Your keywords must be relevant to your apps and used most often by potential users. You can try some long-tail keywords, which are easy to do keywords optimization. It is important that your keywords should be those with high popularity and little competition. And you must pay attention to the length of the keywords field.

In order to achieve better results, all the efforts in ASO require patience and attention to detail, especially app keywords optimization. These tips will help you pick out the perfect app keywords. As for more useful guides to app store optimization, you can go to our app store optimization blog to read more.

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