Rank App to the Top via App Store Keyword Optimization

Launching your own app is a very exciting milestone in life. It’s pretty exciting when you finally see your app show up in the app store. We know that users always find an app through typing app keywords. Within your industry, every competitor vies to improve app visibility and be the first one. In order to make your rank to the top in app store search results, you can do app store keyword optimization.

app store keyword optimization

Start with research

Strictly speaking, how to choose the right app keywords is a major factor in app store keyword optimization. You must research possible search terms and keywords relevant to your app. All of us don’t want to just drive traffic, we want the traffic that is likely to convert to users and increase app downloads. You can go through competitor’s app listings or scan forums and groups on social media. What’s more, you can make use of keyword suggestions from some ASO tools.

Cut stop words

For app store keyword optimization, in search query stop words like a, the, of, for are usually filtered out by the app store. These stop words do not make any difference in your keyword list. It’s better to take the space they occupy and put in some more relevant words. This is a good way to promote your app keywords.

Keep app keywords local

If you think that the keyword research you did for the US app store is enough to cover all English speaking countries, you’re wrong. What can help your app go global and bring your app store keyword optimization to the top level is Localization. To translate your app keywords to various languages so that users who are looking for an app in their own language could easily find it.

Since search trends and the competitive landscape change frequently that you need to do app store keyword optimization constantly. These ASO tips will help you boost your app keyword ranking and increase app downloads quickly.

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