To Promote Mobile Apps and Grow More Organic App Installs

Whenever app developers think about app promotion, to get more app downloads immediately comes to mind. But apart from creating a wonderful app, what else can you do to promote your app and get more organic app installs? In this article, we look at a variety of ASO techniques which you can implement to promote mobile apps, to help your app reach a wider audience and grow traffic.

promote mobile apps

Create promotional videos

Videos are a great way to show off a sense of humor and promote sharing, and they don’t need to be expensive. Thus you can promote mobile apps in a direct way. You should make a succinct and clear video in a short length. It must include the functions and features of your app, and why users need to choose your app. This is also a good way to express your app. You can also share your video on some social media to attract more users.

Promote app design and visual assets

Ensure that at your app icon is clear, concise and eye-catching. Research what your competitors are doing and deliver something unique to potential users. And using your best app screenshot which sells the unique propositions of your app. Regardless of your app category or key functionality, this part of the app store experience needs to be executed with finesse. And then to test a few different candidate icon options via A/B testing, and see what delivers the best results to promote mobile apps.

App reviews promotion

The higher the app reviews are for your app, the healthier the chance of it being downloaded. That’s why it is important to ask your happiest users to leave reviews to promote mobile apps. You can do this by email, asking them in person or by automating the process within your app. Or you can buy app reviews to promote your app in a rapid way.

There are many ways you can inform users about your app. For different business, the way to promote mobile app differs. I hope this article can help you with the tactics those can help you attain more traffic on your app.

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