Professional ASO Guide to Increase Your App Traffic

With so much competition in the app marketing, it’s becoming harder and harder to make your app stand out. In order to handle this problem, you can try to do App Store Optimization. It is a way like SEO, but for mobile apps. Your app can achieve higher rankings in app store search results to drive more app installs through it. We will introduce professional ASO Guide in this article.

Professional ASO guide

Basics Optimization

Laying good foundation can make your app more complete. The first ASO guide that comes to mind is “keyword tracking”. Potential users always search for certain keywords in the app store to find out the app they want. You can find the keywords that are most relevant to your app and balance for traffic and difficulty in penetrating through the competition. After you finish this ASO guide, you can try to optimize your app title, app description, app icon or other elements. And you must make everything relevant but unique.

Buy Positive App Ratings and Reviews

This is an extremely important part of ASO guide in terms of conversion. Would you download an app which has negative app ratings and reviews? Potential users have the same mentality of you when they choose an app. They will always download apps that have positive app ratings and reviews.

Sometimes your app reviews show a great deal of information about the app that may convert a potential user. Make sure your app has a sufficient amount of genuine app ratings and reviews. Thus you can try to buy positive app ratings and reviews to make your app reliable.

Choose Right App Category

Most users discover apps simply through browsing through the App Store, so you need to pick the perfect category for your app through ASO guide. The category has to be relevant to your app. Consider switching to another semi-relevant category which is less competition or if the potential revenue from another category makes it worth it to try. Test out different categories until you find the best one.

App Store Optimization is not a one-time activity. It is important to constantly test and monitor results of any change. You can follow the ASO guide and increase your app traffic via keeping trying.

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