Follow These Unusual Methods to Get App Installs Instantly

The app downloads can be a big challenge for all the app developers. With so many apps launched in the app store, attracting user interest becomes a hard task. You must remember that just developing the app itself is only half of the battle. You need to boost app ranking to get app installs. Take a look at our unusual methods below to optimize your app to get app installs instantly.

get app installs


Great Localized App Description

Make sure you have a wonderful, attractive and suitable app description for your app. This is for your potential users and also the key factor to get app installs. Users pay more attention to get the details before downloading an app. Thus you need to invest the time and do it perfect. Where possible, your app description should be localized in most common languages to get more chances. And you should add your app keywords into app description.

Create a Video

The video is a direct way to show everything that your perfect app has to offer. If you are unable to fix this part, do not worry. I would advise you to hire a professional agency, or a video editing plus a voice talent. What’s more, you can translate your video into the most common languages. It will do wonders to get app installs quickly.

Real and High-quality App Reviews

App reviews show that users with a positive experience can generate brand credibility and encourage more users to download your app. After all, raising your app visibility is only one part of getting app installs. Once users find your app, you’ll need to convince them that your app is valuable and reliable enough to download. Getting more real and high-quality app reviews is very important.

After trying these methods, you also need to keep updating your app. You must continue providing the best experience for users, and this will be helpful to get app installs. Good luck to you!

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