Make Your App Stand out with App Store Optimization Strategy

Every app developer wants to show up on the top of app store search results when users are searching for an app that they provided. Every single day millions of potential users turn to the app store to find what they are looking for. Adapting your app for ASO means that your app will be easier for the app store to find and rank your app. Thus you need the advanced App Store Optimization strategy to improve app ranking and get more app installs.

App Store Optimization strategy

Getting started with app keywords

App keywords will be the cornerstone of the App Store Optimization strategy. Keywords help the app store understand what your app is and how your app can give benefits to users. The search algorithm uses these keywords to show your app in the results, and therefore it’s critical that you do the appropriate app store keyword optimization that improves your app. Don’t use plurals, just the name of your app, or have misspellings in the keyword field.


Localization is an essential factor in App Store Optimization strategy. Providing the users an opportunity to view the app content in their native languages can improve the chances of increasing more downloads. If your app content is only in English you will be locking your app out from global mobile users.

The numbers of downloads

The download rate is important in telling users that your app works smooth and is worth trying. How will you increase downloads? You must work on getting traffic to your app. It will happen when you put in requisite efforts to optimize your app. Or you can try to buy some keyword installs to rank your app keywords higher in the app store search results and drive more organic traffic.

The higher your app ranks, the more users you will entice to your app. You can follow the App Store Optimization strategy to promote your app and make your app stand out. If you have questions about using App Store Optimization strategy, reach out to ASO2Top.

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