How to Increase More Qualified App Ratings and Reviews

There is no doubt that app ratings and reviews can significantly influence your prospective users. Thus it is a quite essential factor in the process of promoting your app. As competition has increased, it becomes harder and harder to make your app stand out. Positive app ratings and reviews can make your app more reliable and increase app downloads for you. But how to get more app ratings and reviews? You can find the answer here.

app ratings and reviews

1.Ask your users in a right time

Generally speaking, users are much more likely to complain than to praise. When requesting an app rating or review, you should think all the situations you will meet. To achieve this, you must ensure that the user has enough experience with your app to provide an accurate and informed review. What’s more, don’t ask for app ratings and reviews after your app has crashed.

2.Provide a way to share on social media

Social media are the strongest tool when it comes to seeking app ratings and reviews. You can share on Facebook or Twitter to ask more people to rate and review your app. This aspect makes it easier for developers to seek app rating and reviews directly from their followers. This will not only show your app to a broader audience, but can play an important role from mouth to mouth.

3.Get app ratings and reviews from professional provider

Great feedback has a real impact on the market. Since more positive reviews usually lead to better experience and get you more users who want to try your app. It can increase app downloads for you. You can buy some positive app ratings and reviews from professional ASO company, they can finish your goals in a short time but with high quality.

Regardless of your strategy, being sure that you ask app ratings and reviews at a right time with the modest message. Hope all the app developers can be successful. You can share your ideas in the comments section below.

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