How to Improve App Ranking through Practical ASO Tips

Promoting your app used to be a very easy process. You made sure your app had app keywords and that the keywords were in the right places for the app store to find. That was it. But now, your app is competing against more and more wonderful apps. So what can you do to make your app stand out? Use the ASO tips below to improve app ranking and get more app installs.

improve app ranking

Choose the best category

You need to find a suitable category for your app to improve app ranking. While choosing the category, you should focus on the main functions of your app. For example, the Facebook is under the category of social networking, which is perfect to describe its feature. And you can also choose new or less-trendy categories those are less crowded. There are more opportunities to get a higher ranking.

Improve download rate

Getting app installs will have the effect of a higher ranking for your app, which in turn drives more organic installs. The number of app downloads your app is garnering collected on a daily basis. When you improve download rate, more potential users will trust your app and download it, and you can improve app ranking in the end. You can try to buy some keyword installs to promote your app. This can make your app keywords rank higher in app store search results.

Get positive app reviews

Your app review is one of the most important factors influencing its ranking in the app store. Users will often download an app that has more positive app reviews. This way, getting more reviews not only can improve app ranking but also promote your click-to-download rate. You can get more qualified app reviews from ASO2Top, which is safer and faster.

In the increasingly competitive app marketing, you must improve app ranking and make it stand out. You can follow these ASO guide to optimize your app. Hope all the app developers can success. Any question? Feel free to contact us!

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