How to Increase App Downloads with Simple ASO Guide

Now you’ve just built an iOS app or maybe an Android one. But the work surrounding your app does not end when it is finally developed. We can even say that the hard work has only just begun! You find the competition in the app store. How to increase app downloads becomes a big trouble for you. You can try these ASO guide to solve your problem about how to increase app downloads.

how to increase app downloads

Make Your ASO Perfect

Many app developers consider this part is unimportant. You can make the greatest impact on the number of app downloads of starting right at the app store where your app is on display. Find the right app keywords, app name, app description, app icon and app screenshot. The key is to always know your target audience. App Store Optimization can promote your app to get more app installs.

Make Limited Discounts

Is your app free or paid? If your app is paid, you can make it available for free or at half price during a short period of time. Couple that with the before mentioned CPI campaign and a medium-sized user base already in place, and the effects can be mind-blowing. Nothing will reel in new users better than a great bargain! How to increase app downloads is easy through it.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great way because it’s free. You can use social media to get the interest and followers for your app and also keep up to date on what is happening in the online world of apps. There are many popular social media you can rely on. Such as Facebook and Twitter. You can share your app on them and drive more users to download your app.

To be honest, the main goal of app developers when they launch an app on the app store is to have a huge number of downloads. How to increase app downloads? You can try these ASO guide to handle the question. If you have any question, let me know in the comments below.

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