Learn How to Do App Store Optimization Effectively

After you publish your app, it’s extremely important to have a marketing plan to improve app visibility and get people downloading your app. To such a situation, App Store Optimization can help app developers promote their apps in a fast and safe way. With this guide, you will learn basics behind marketing apps on how to do app store optimization.

how to do app store optimization

1.Keyword Optimization for Title & Description

Keywords are the most important factor when it comes to ASO. You can make a study of your competitors and learn some good ideas from them. Make your title short and to the point, but include your main keywords in it. And it’s important to contain your keywords in the description in natural and advisable sentences. This can help your app rank higher in search results.

2.Choose the Right Category

Is it an app or a game? What are the functions of it? If you are not sure which category is your app, ask around app developer communities. Thus you have to choose the right category. You must know that you can only choose one category, so if your app suits for more than one category choose the most relevant one. You will find the right category can make the most potential users see it. How to do app store optimization can not be a problem for you.

3.Maintain Positive App Ratings and Reviews

You can not imagine how this part will affect on how to do app store optimization. You can try to ask your users review your app, but this is a slow way. So you can buy positive app ratings and reviews. They will also build a reliable factor that will translate in more downloads per visitor. Qualified reviews will help you to reach top rankings.

Now you know how to do app store optimization. You can try these ways and promote your app to get more installs. I hope that you find this guide useful.

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