How to Create a Wonderful App Icon

To make an amazing app icon is a major project to app developers. There are a number of factors to consider, which brings many troubles. Do you want to make your app icon stand out in app store search results? Are you eager for catching people’s eyes? Congratulations, This article can give you some best ideas to create a wonderful app icon.

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Be Simple

When you walk into a room which is in a mess, you will detest it. The Same sense that if you see a complicated app icon, you will be visual fatigue. Do not put a variety of colors or graphics together. You can just show your featured characters and elements these representing your app and hold the central point.

Be Unique and Right Size

Competing with other apps, you must ensure the uniqueness of your app so that you can emerge from these apps. You can use a special shape to express the use of your app or just a symbol. The most remarkable thing is you must pay attention to the screen resolutions and sizes, because app store has strict pixel recommendations for the app icon. You will find that the more appropriate your app icon’s size is, the better view you can get.

Do not Use Words

You can image if you use words in the app icon and what do you feel. The app icon just has a small space, so you do not need to put your app name or company logo in the icon. Extra words will lead to a cluttered experience when potential users browse your app. Simple and Pretty, you can use the first letter of your app.

how to create app icon

Have a Test Before the Final Decision

Don’t make any decisions easily. You can put your app icon in the different phones to look it on the screen. Considering the backgrounds, it is important to make sure your app will always show up clearly. Perhaps you are hesitating use borders or not, add some shade or not, which must have a test before you make a final decision.

Now, you know the information you need to create your app icon, you can have a try. And if you have any question about making app icons, you can ask in the comments section.

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