The Best ASO Techniques to Make Your App Stand out

Getting an app to the top of the search results is a common goal of all the app developers. But the competition in the app store is even harder than in a supermarket. It makes many apps become zombie apps. If you want to make your app visible and drive more traffic, you must do App Store Optimization. Here you can learn some useful ASO techniques to optimize your app.

ASO techniques

Attractive app icon and screenshot design

The first impression is everything. If you search for an app and found one which you might like, the next thing you will check is the available app icon and screenshot. Many users even download an app because the app icon is attractive. And the app screenshot can show the function and feature of your app indirectly. It is important in ASO techniques.

Positive app reviews

The total number of app reviews and whether those reviews are positive or negative will affect your app ranking in the app store. This is one of the effective ASO techniques you can apply. In order to make your app reliable to potential users, you must pay more attention to this part. You can ask your users to give you feedback in a right time or just buy some qualified app reviews from ASO2Top. It is safer and cheaper but with high quality.

Be categorical

Selection of right and relevant category helps users who are searching for apps through categories. If you do not know how to find the perfect category, do not worry. Knowing the functions of your app and the targeted users of your app can drive you to find appropriate category more easily. This will improve the conversion rate of your app.

Optimization needs your patience and trials. You can follow these ASO techniques to improve app ranking. We will keep updating and share more useful tips to you. What is surprising you most about your app promotion so far? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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