Best App Promotion Strategies (1) in 2017

Many developers are developing innovative and high-quality mobile applications, but most developers are unsure how to reach the global market. The first thing to know is to promote mobile applications to the target people and markets. This time, we will pay attention to the App Promotion Strategies. Let us get the following tips to help your application leverage international business expansion.

app promotion strategies

Online App Promotion Strategy

Once you’ve created a landing page for your app, you’ll need to implement some online app promotion strategies to promote your app online and get more people to know your App. You can also use some of the methods below to promote your site.

Social Media Network

Setting up a Facebook page for your application is a must and you can ask them what they like about your application design and functionality, as well as get any feedback. In addition, you can share any messages about your application and so on. However, remember not to let your posts only be your application, though. This is boring. Link your blog/page to your Google+ account, even if it’s just a great image in search results. Other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are also useful.

Cross Promotion

This will have a tremendous impact on app promotion. If you’re serious about building apps with similar target audiences, you’ll have a great opportunity to cross-promote across app sites and social media. However, if you have only one application, you can contact the app partner with another developer. You can swap app installs and comments with each other.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is becoming a more and more important part of app marketing. The good thing is that ad networks are still available for most of App Promotion Providers. You can create an ad on Facebook because it’s a way to get more people’s attention. However, not so targeted audience, because all users on Facebook do not need your application.Show your ads on specific ad networks to get your audience.

These are some tips to promote mobile app strategies. It doesn’t matter whether you have an iOS or Android app, all apps need to be promoted using similar strategies. App Store optimization rules may vary slightly from the App Store and the Play Store, but the off-store promotions are almost similar. We will introduce more App Promotion Strategies to promote your apps.


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