Ultimate ASO Tutorial to Help You Boost App Ranking Quickly

ASO is the activity of optimizing an app to improve its app visibility, thus the app can get a higher position in the app store search results. It is a technical, analytical and creative process. How to increase app downloads will not be a problem for you after mastering App Store Optimization. This ASO tutorial has been prepared for app developers to understand the simple but effective ASO characteristics to boost app ranking.

aso tutorial

Attractive App Icon

You can follow the ASO tutorial to build an attractive app icon. When users browse or search the app stores, their first impression of your app is your app icon. It makes the app icon very important in ASO tutorial. Along with the fact that you’re going to be using that app icon in a lot of places. To make your icon consistent with your app, so that users don’t get confused and remember you deeply.


Many app developers have realized that after localizing their app name and keywords, the number of downloads increased by 300%. The downloads were no longer just from the US but widespread across the globe. Localization is the process where your app name, keywords and screenshot are in different languages.

App Installs

If the preceding steps are carefully and rightly done, then the app installs should fall into place naturally. More installs your app have, higher rank it will get, and then, more organic downloads for you. You can try to buy some regular installs or keyword installs from ASO2Top, it has big sales now.

Regularly Update

Updating regularly will make your users feel they are concerned, their problems are fixed and their suggestions are adopted. This will be helpful to encourage users to stick and engage with your app. You can grasp this ASO tutorial to make your app fresh and attract users to use your app all the time.

Now you master it. Hope you enjoy reading this ASO tutorial and hopefully you now have a better idea on how to optimize your app to rank higher. If you want to get more installs, join us!

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