ASO Strategies to Boost User Engagement on Your App

One of the cool parts of being an app developer is that you can see what search queries led users to browse your app and download it. Sometimes it seems extremely hard to get those first 100 downloads to your app, which can be frustrating when this happens. Thus you must improve app ranking to boost user engagement on your app. If you do not know how to finish your goals, we will introduce some ASO strategies here.

ASO strategies

Regular Basis

You can ask this question to yourself that do you like low-quality, bad app. There are two primary components of basic optimization in the ASO strategies. One is the app keywords, another one is post-search elements. The post-search elements include things like your app description and graphics. You must optimize both components to make your app perfect.

More App Reviews

App Reviews, which are seen by potential users when they are searching in the app store. It is a critical indicator of the quality of your app and acts as social proof that can make users download. The more positive app reviews your app has, the better for your app store rankings and visibility. So you should make sure that your app has many qualified app reviews. You can try to ask your users to give you reviews, or just plan to buy app reviews from the professional provider.


The world is a more transparent place to live in. If you’ve got a wonderful app on your hands in your home country, the chances are with the right mobile app localization, it will be just as popular around the world. Localizing your app will give you access to a global marketing and increased ROI. This is one of the important parts of the ASO strategies.

As the app marketing continues to expand rapidly, you should be equipped with these ASO strategies to rank your app higher. These ASO strategies are really useful for every app developer. Hope all of you can boost app ranking and get more app installs.

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