Great App Store Optimization Tips to Drive More App Traffic

Have you struggled to increase your app traffic, even though you’ve tried every method out there? Ranking higher in the app store feels like unrealistic and unattainable goals, especially when you’ve just launched a new app. Well, don’t think that you can not increase app downloads, we will provide you with great App Store Optimization tips to promote your app.

App Store Optimization tips

Keyword in name and description

Not surprisingly, the app keywords you use in your app name and description are very important. Your name is to accurately convey the functions of your app, so hopefully you’ve done a good job of incorporating a relevant keyword into your name. There is some controversy over the importance of keywords in your app description. This is essential in App Store Optimization tips.


Localization is a tactic that can have a significant impact on your app ranking and app installs. Fortunately, localizing your app store listing is relatively simple. You just need to translate your primary language to other languages. What’s more, you can use some professional tools to complete this work. Localization can make you get app installs from all over the world.

Number of Downloads

It is one of the most important App Store Optimization tips. The more downloads you have, the more likely you’ll rank higher in the app store search results. The higher your app ranks in search results, the more potential users who will download it. Thus you can plan to buy some app installs with keyword search directly, which will make your app rank higher in a short time. ASO2Top is the best choice to provide you organic app installs from 100% real users. As your app ranking continue to improve, your app can drive more and more traffic.

All in all, if you take action and use these App Store Optimization tips, you can make your app to a higher level and get more traffic. We will keep sharing more useful ASO tips for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help!

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