App Store Optimization Tips for Writing App Description

Some people don’t think that their app description is important, but they are wrong. There is no doubt that a charming app description can elaborate your app perfectly. Potential users check out your app in the app store but not convert into downloads, which need pay more attention. Here would give some tips for you to write app description.

app description

Firstly you need to clearly understand what is your app about? To test your app and find out what does your app do, what features do your app have, what problems do your app solve and why people choose your app. Description plays a role of guide. When potential users enter your app page, they will see your description firstly. And they get a knowledge of your app through these process.

Then we will talk about the length of your app description. Apple allocates 4,000 characters (around 600 words) for the app description field. Be careful not make it too long. You need to make the first 3 sentences attractive and people will be led into the interesting parts of your app. You can image if you were a user and what will you think we you want to download this app. This is a good way to gain more concern.

App description must be easy to read. Simplicity does not mean short words. You should make sure that your app description is filled with detail, brevity is also key. Get some white space in there with short paragraphs, which can make your description tidy. You can make a study of other app descriptions and they also take this step. And you need to add your keywords into your app description. It should reinforce the keywords in the app name and keywords fields, which should emphasize its importance.

Now you can write an app description, and you need to go through every step seriously. If you have any question, or you want more help with writing an unforgettable description for the app store, you can ask help from our professional app store optimization services.


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