Essential App Store Optimization Guide to Improve Your App

Did you ever get frustrated by not getting into the top search results of the app store? Yes, we all have gone through this stage. As a matter of fact, lots of big businesses struggled on how to improve app visibility in the beginning. The online competition becomes harder and more complex. Thus you need to optimize your app. Here is the App Store Optimization guide for you to boost app ranking and get more app installs.

app store optimization guide

Suitable category

After you choose your app category, users can browse through the app store and easily find your app when making a relevant search. Thus you need to determine what category will serve as a primary of your app and if it applies to any other categories. Making sure your app falls into the correct category is crucial, as this influences your app ranking within that specific App Store Optimization guide.


Most of the users prefer to use their native language when shopping even if they are fluent in English. Localization is an important part of App Store Optimization guide. It means app developers should adapt their apps to conform to users in specific countries. You can use some tools to translate your app name, keywords, description and screenshot to suit the languages of your targeted audience.

Get app reviews

This is an essential element of App Store Optimization guide in terms of conversion. Potential users will always download the app that has more positive app reviews. Sometimes reviews reveal a great deal of information about the app that may convert a potential searcher. Make sure your app has a sufficient amount of positive app reviews. You can try to get some qualified app reviews from ASO2Top, which is a professional provider.

Your app needs to promote. By following the App Store Optimization guide can get a good amount of organic traffic to your app. If you have feedback on this topic, feel free to contact us.

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