3 ASO Best Practices the Top Ranked Apps Always Do

The app stores use a variety of factors in categorizing and ranking apps. No one knows exactly how each app store determines an app ranking. However, there are many ASO best practices you can optimize your app, making it easier for app stores to gather data, categorize your content and rank your app effectively. The following 3 methods, when used effectively, can improve app ranking and boost traffic to your app.

ASO best practices

Keyword analysis

Before diving into the details of the ASO best practices, you need to research your current and potential app keywords. There are many tools for both keyword planning and keyword spying. These tools let you know what an app currently ranks for. They also recommend similar keywords and show what competitors are using as their keywords. Such as App Annie, Sensor Tower.

Eye-catching app icon

The first visual element that potential users will see during their browsing process is your app icon. Thus it is a critical component in grabbing your potential users’ attention and establishing a strong first impression. Many ASO best practices will introduce this part for you. By making sure that your app icon can directly translate into your purpose, functionality and quality. But remember to avoid complex icon designs.

App ratings & reviews

We know that app ratings and reviews also play a large role in ASO, but are mostly out of your control. They not only have an impact on how well an app ranks in the search results, but also can affect your app downloads. You can encourage users to rate and review your app. But if you have any uncertainties about how users will respond to your app, it may be worthwhile to buy positive app ratings and reviews from the professional provider.

So I’ve covered 3 ASO best practices in this post on how to rank your app higher in the app store search results. If you have any question, you can contact us below or visit our site ASO2Top.com.

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